Developing and contributing to the Visual Framework Core and its components.

A guide to what you need to do, how you should write it and how to maintain vf-core components.

In the right place?

Need to just make a VF-powered site? If you want to make a site or design system that uses Visual Framework components, then check out the "Visual Framework building guide".

Getting started

If you'd like to contribute code, components or documentation to the Visual Framework 2.0, first of all: thanks!

We welcome ideas, bug reports, opinions and pull requests. Telling the maintainers why you want or have done something is always very helpful.

  1. Code of conduct
  2. Making your first Pull Request
  3. File structure
  4. Getting started developing

Making components

Once you've set up the VF Core locally or made a new design system, you'll want to extend it by creating components to add new charts, tables or other types of functionality.

See the Guidance section

General guidelines, best practice

See the Guidance section

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