The Visual Framework

Good defaults and technical flexibility for life science websites

With compatibility with existing CSS and JS, you can bring your Bootstrap, React or vanilla code base. The VF will not break your existing code.

About the VF

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Developing and contributing to the Visual Framework Core and its components.

Design tokens

Colour, typography, spacing and other stylistic decisions as structured data.

Starter packages

Use an npm starter package for new projects or to graft existing code.

Build components into CSS and JS with vf-build-boilerplate:

yarn create @visual-framework/vf-project your-new-site-name vf-build-boilerplate

A full static site generator based off 11ty with vf-eleventy:

yarn create @visual-framework/vf-project your-new-site-name vf-eleventy

More about the above and further options and follow a guide to setting up your development environment.

Pick and choose

Install the source Sass and JavaScript files via yarn to an existing project

# 1. Add the Sass config, starter and any components

yarn add @visual-framework/vf-sass-config @visual-framework/vf-sass-starter @visual-framework/vf-content @visual-framework/vf-analytics-google

# 2. Import it in your Sass

@import 'node_modules/@visual-framework/vf-sass-starter/index.scss';
@import 'node_modules/@visual-framework/vf-content/vf-content.scss';

# 3. Import JS modules

import { vfGaTrackInteraction } from 'node_modules/@visual-framework/vf-analytics-google/vf-analytics-google.js';

Browse all available components

Prebuilt CDN

Get a kitchen sink of pre-compiled CSS and JS from the CDN.

<!-- CSS only -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<!-- JS -->
<script src=""></script>

See examples in our HTML boilerplates for quick starts and layouts.

What's current?

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