Making your first Pull Request

To contribute code back, you'll need to make a PR (Pull Request), as you won't have write access, GitHub will prompt you to fork the vf-core repository and then you'll be able to push your branch and open a pull request.


If you're thoroughly confused, here are a few helpful links:

Branch naming conventions

In general type/brief-description-of-branch, example: component/advanced-search, or fix/grid-breaks-on-ios

Here are the most common types:

Automated testing

On push

When you push your branch to GitHub, Husky will run a pre-commit hook to help enforce Sass linting and ensure the code builds.

Visual differences

To be confident that we can ammend components code if needed without breaking anything we need to test against the agreed look and interaction(s) of a component.

We are making use of Percy to do this, comparisons will be automatically generated before a pull request for a component is accepted.

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