Guidelines and training resources for EMBL users

Getting started

Get the fundamental knowledge about basic usage, terms, concepts, and tools that are necessary to manage and build the content in WordPress.

WordPress support

Drop-in sessions with the Digital Team
Mon – Thu, 4:00 – 5:00pm (CEST)
Please email us to get the call details.

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Digital Team contact

Please send your inquiries to:

Blocks are the components for adding content in the WordPress block editor.

In this section you will get familiar with all the available blocks you can use to build your content.

Open blocks library

Browse example pages and see how you can organize and present the content.

Open pages library

This section is not yet completed

In this section you will find instructions how to use some of the specific EMBL sites and tools.

Internal information


How to log in?

The default URL to your WordPress login is the same URL you would use to visit your site but with a /wp-admin slug added.

For example, if the URL for your site is 


to access the login screen and the administration panel go to:


Log in with your EMBL credentials.

My development site doesn't load and I see an error/timeout message

To log in to the development sites under you need to be connected to the EMBL VPN network.

While working on the development sites you may experience some delays in response, as well as server time outs. Please try to visit the site in a few minutes.

Due to server maintenance, development sites are not available from 10 pm to 6 am.

If you keep struggling with opening the site and it significantly affects your work, please contact the digital team for additional login details.

Can the blocks or other elements be styled in a different way?

All the available blocks are a part of EMBL design system and a Visual Framework front-end toolkit and cannot be modified.

How can I add a dropdown menu or an image carousel?

You can find all the available blocks here. If any of the elements you would like to use is not listed, it means that it is not supported. Please get in touch with the digital team to get suggestions on how you can present your content in an alternative way or find out if any new components are planned to be developed and implemented in the nearest future.

I've seen a block, container, etc on some other page but I don't know how to replicate it

Please get in touch with the digital team to copy the element to your page.

You can also visit our Get inspired section where you can see how the example pages were built from scratch.

I can't edit the homepage

On some sites, it may happen that the homepage is locked. Please get in touch with the digital team to change the settings.

Can I move the navigation bar above the hero component?

The navigation bar below the hero component is a pattern that we use all across embl.org and for the sake of consistency it can’t be changed.

Why the content in the editor looks different than in the preview?

Due to some limitations of the WordPress Gutenberg editor and customization of many elements for the EMBL use the content may slightly vary between what you see in the editor and what you see on the page. Please always check the preview to see how your content is going to displayed.

What is the difference between EMBL grid and VF grid. How and when to use them?

Use EMBL grid for landing pages which are the entry points to the other content. VF grid is used on the content pages. To learn more about grids and all possible options, please visit the relevant section under the blocks library.

My profile picture or email address is not displayed

To change the default settings, please visit your profile page on the intranet. Under your photo, you will see the [Edit page] link. After clicking on the link (you need to be connected to the EMBL VPN network) you will see your profile settings.

How to create a gallery?

Currently, a particular gallery component is not supported. To achieve a similar effect please use VF grid and images with the same dimensions. An example of how to build it you can find here on Page 3.

How to change/update the hero image?

To edit the hero image go to Content Hub -> Containers -> Groups Header. Add an image under the background image field.

I'd like to add a new publication to be displayed in the feed

To add/edit/remove publications please send a request to the library