Rollup release 2.5.12

This release includes Angular support for vf-badge, vf-banner and vf-hero, we have also added 11ty support for v2. It also includes improvements in accessibility, usability, documentation of vf-card-container and updates to documentation of vf-link. We also addressed bug where all compononents changelog section was identical for each component on the site.

21 Mar 2023

New features

vf-hero 4.0.0-alpha.0 npm git diff

vf-banner 2.0.0-alpha.0 npm git diff

vf-badge 3.0.0-alpha.0 npm git diff

vf-core 2.2.39 npm git diff

vf-extensions 2.1.0-alpha.1 npm git diff

vf-component-library 1.2.5 npm git diff


vf-card-container 3.2.3 npm git diff

vf-link 2.0.1 npm git diff

vf-section-header 1.5.5 npm git diff

Bug fixes

vf-component-library 1.2.5 npm git diff

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