Rollup release 2.5.3

This rollup brings no bug fixes, but carries on work refining spacing and a new tabs page-link feature.

25 Oct 2021

Following the 14 October 2021 release, this release continues optimisations to how vf-stack distributes vertical spacing.

With vf-stack now more broadly adopted, spacing now "just works" in the vast majority of cases. vf-stack now moves to version 3.0.0 and drops the !important rules allowing for utility-class based overrides where required.

Here's one example of how vf-stack now does better spacing when pairing two containers with vf-u-fullbleed backgrounds; before and after:

image of landing page
image of landing page

We've also introduced a new vf-tabs feature for linking to a page and activating a specific tab.

Read below for details on the changes in each component.

Oh, and you'll also now see an overhaul to the component previews.

As always, you can join the conversation on Slack.


vf-tabs 2.1.0 npm git diff

vf-stack 3.0.0 npm git diff


embl-grid 2.2.0 npm git diff

vf-card-container 3.2.1 npm git diff

vf-core 2.2.33 npm git diff

vf-card 2.6.2 npm git diff

vf-form__select 3.0.0 npm git diff

vf-hero 3.3.2 npm git diff

vf-sass-config 2.7.0 npm git diff

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