Rollup release 2.5.0-beta.5

Beta 5 focused on more fully integrating typography design tokens as we create a more visually and technically consistent 2.5.0 rollup release.

5 Jul 2021

The usage of design token information has been improved with many components now fully using the token for typography colours. Additionally, we have improved the accessibility of the main text colour to be an off-black. Previously it was an over-contrasted solid #000 black.

We've also made small fixes and documentation improvements to vf-hero, the ELIXIR banner and the vf-profile.

For our next beta we aim to continue documentation polish and some foundational work on navigation patterns during a sprint the week of 19 July. With those done we hope to release rollup 2.5.0 by mid-August.

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vf-profile 1.4.0 npm git diff

vf-component-library 1.1.11 npm git diff

vf-hero 3.3.0 npm git diff

Notable improvements

vf-design-tokens 3.6.0 npm git diff

vf-card 2.6.0 npm git diff

vf-code-example 1.3.0 npm git diff

vf-link-list 1.4.0 npm git diff

vf-sass-config 2.6.1 npm git diff

Bug fixes

vf-button 2.0.0-alpha.1 npm git diff

vf-footer 1.2.0 npm git diff

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