Announcing rollup release 2.4.14

A roundup of minor work, more React support and small refinements to the component library.

5 May 2021

A minor release that introduces adds React support for vf-button, adds several fixes and optimisations and continues work on the component library interface. We've also improved worked to refine the boilerplate example pattern pages.

Read on for more.

Bug fixes

vf-hero 3.2.3 npm git diff

ebi-header-footer 2.0.3 npm git diff


vf-profile 1.3.0 npm git diff

vf-tabs 1.2.2 npm git diff

vf-content 1.5.2 npm git diff

embl-logo 1.2.0 npm git diff

React support

vf-button 1.4.2 npm git diff

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