Component updates and refinements in 2.4.6

This release contains a number of fixes and refinements.

27 Jan 2021

In this set of updates you'll find that the `vf-body` is slightly smaller to tie it with our spacing scale, and a bug fix for `vf-hero` integration with `vf-eleventy`.

This releases 2.4.6 to the CDN

[``]( As a reminder, the rollup CSS and JS are compilations of many independently versioned components and is likely to contain changes that may disrupt the look of your site. We advise testing. Even better is to build your own CSS rollup from the npm sources, [you can find a guide here](/building).

## ­čôä Page format improvement ### [vf-body]( 1.1.0 npm git diff * Makes the max-width a factor of 16px. * adds box-sizing so that the padding doesn't effect the max-width. * includes a fix for when a `vf-body` is (for some reason) nested inside another `vf-body` ### [vf-design-tokens]( 3.2.0 npm git diff * reduces the maximum layout width token ### [vf-sass-config]( 2.4.0 npm git diff * updates the `$global-page-max-width` variable so that it's consistent with the page width across components - set to `80rem` * Use VF 1.4 JS to load the HTML for the global header. * Add documentation and example on disabling the 1.4 data protection banner, as you should use the 2.0 data protection banner from the contentHub. ## ­čÉ× Bug fixes ### [vf-hero]( 2.0.6 npm git diff * fixed an issue where `vf_hero_href` had no context option for use in `vf-11ty`.

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