Component updates and refinements in 2.4.3

This release some polishing to spacing and presentation.

21 Dec 2020

This releases 2.4.3 to the CDN

[``]( As a reminder, the rollup CSS and JS are compilations of many independently versioned components and is likely to contain changes that may disrupt the look of your site. We advise testing. Even better is to build your own CSS rollup from the npm sources, [you can find a guide here](/building).

## New features ### [vf-figure]( 2.0.0 npm git diff * Removed `width: 100%` from the `.vf-figure__image` class. * Added `display: block` to the `.vf-figure__image` class. * Removed CSS for the width when the `vf-figure` is using floats. ### [vf-global-header]( 3.1.0 npm git diff * updates to expect `vf-stack` on the body. * removes the backwards compatibility as we're at v3.x. * tidies up and removes some unrequited CSS. ### [vf-navigation]( 2.2.0 npm git diff * removes bottom margin for `--main`. * replaces padding with margin for `--main`. * duplicates the top margin for `--main` because sometimes it's out of the `vf-stack` flow. ### [vf-news-container]( 1.0.0-rc.1 npm git diff * Adds vf-news-container--featured * ## Minor component updates ### [vf-summary]( 1.4.1 npm git diff * Fix image URL in vf-summary--news-has-image. ### [vf-component-generator]( 1.1.2 npm git diff * Add changelog style guidance. *

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