2.2.1 Component updates

Minor component updates and bug fixes.

11 Sep 2020

This releases 2.2.1 to the CDN:

embl-grid 2.0.4

commit 697e93b8d6f375cb8293eb20dc8eec750f765a90

- fixes issue with `auto` and `1fr` doing the opposite with the sidebar.

embl-breadcrumbs-lookup 1.0.0

commit bc838b989cd538be42da34fd56ada27dd37f67f9

- prevent recursive breadcrumb lookup: it can occur for the EMBL taxonomy to have recursive parents, this present direct recursion

vf-component-library 1.0.7

commit 28421a0e94d929a0458c9d86129b854df99a7fea

- adds updates blog

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