Updates on Visual Framework component changes

The Visual Framework is maturing and we're working to do a better job communicating changes and individual component release notes.

11 Sep 2020

Here on this blog you can now expect to find what's new in each release of components.

We've also revised our publishing procedure to more frequently ship tagged releases the CDN (a la: https://assets.emblstatic.net/vf/v2.2.0/css/styles.css). And we plan to better document how to find the latest tagged release, and when you should build your own CSS and JS from source.

Ways to stay updated

How we're (partly) automating blog updates

We're using git to echo all the changes between the last releases with this git command:

git show -U --raw $(git describe --abbrev=0 --tags $(git rev-list --tags --skip=1 --max-count=1))..$(git describe --abbrev=0 --tags $(git rev-list --tags --max-count=1)) --raw --output=tools/vf-component-library/src/site/updates/$(date +%F)-component-updates.md -- **/CHANGELOG.md

It dumps the changes into a time-stamped Markdown file which our Eleventy-based component library turns into a blog post.

We run this as an aliased command: yarn run releasenotes

The file then needs some manual massaging which we plan to further automate in the future:

### [vf-summary](https://stable.visual-framework.dev/components/vf-summary/) 1.3.1

    commit [999f4cf9671afab790735150dd21c2040c3968b3](https://github.com/visual-framework/vf-core/commit/999f4cf9671afab790735150dd21c2040c3968b3)

    - adds 'grid-template-areas' CSS for `--has-image` variant so you can use it with a `-thumbnail` class.

Another useful command

This command would output all CHANGELOG.md changes since the most recent tag:

git show -U --raw $(git describe --tags --abbrev=0 @^)..@ --raw --output=tools/vf-component-library/src/site/updates/$(date +%F).md -- **/CHANGELOG.md

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