Component updates

Minor component updates and bug fixes.

10 Sep 2020

vf-summary 1.3.1

commit 999f4cf9671afab790735150dd21c2040c3968b3

- adds 'grid-template-areas' CSS for `--has-image` variant so you can use it with a `-thumbnail` class.

embl-grid 2.0.2

commit 797068ad8d3f0232e9b9cf85c5cfca7f2ef3405f

- changes breakpoint for sidebar to be a sidebar from 1024px
- makes the sidebar smaller until it hits 1300px

vf-sass-config 1.4.1

commit 59d9a30f76b0effe7e649e3f578c4df4a939072a

- updates the `$global-page-max-width` variable so that it's consistent with the page width across components - set to `81.25rem`.

Dependency bumps

commit 3447c6e18ea7ea7fd638ad4ccd5b30e0cc9fc874

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