Component updates

Minor component updates and bug fixes.

9 Sep 2020

vf-content 1.2.2

commit ce06ca359f3cad01c5db46e4e04c67c5cf71fcb0

- dependency bump

vf-component-library 1.0.6

commit 8590c2ad02f26328d489228a4f6f39a11aebb913

- begin to make more pattern/boilerplate guidance
- minor templating updates

vf-search 1.2.2

commit ac13156044ea6101e8f947a905aede597757e346

- adds support for default search value

vf-box 2.0.2 and 2.0.1

commit 8074046d63b28d4e2031d8dfdaca9e78c9a27f60

- fixes bug with `-link` variant by adding position relative to `vf-box`
- adds `| safe` to `vf-box__text` variable so that HTML can be parsed through.
- margin reset on `.vf-box :last-child` now has more specificity as `.vf-box > :last-child`

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