JavaScript guidelines

We use "just enough" JavaScript in the Visual Framework.

The Visual Framework isn't intended as a general-purpose JavaScript solution, however we know it is helpful that a minimal amount of basic functionality is supported.

All components are provided as functional solutions, so where JavaScript is required (such as tabs) there is a fully functional set of JavaScript bundled and available in:

An opt-in philosophy

But we know many users would prefer to use their own JavaScript tooling for all -- or some -- components on a case-by-case basis.

Why? As Adobe's Spectrum CSS puts it:

We have found that JavaScript is where a framework or library quickly becomes opinionated and stops being easy to use with or across other frameworks. To avoid this problem, Spectrum CSS avoids implementation details that require JavaScript.

Likewise we don't require the use of the Visual Framework JavaScript, instead the behviour can be optionally invoke per-component with JavaScript data selectors.

So to activate the Visual Framework JavaScript for vf-tabs we add data-vf-js-tabs and data-vf-js-tabs-content, like so:

<div class="vf-tabs">
  <ul class="vf-tabs__list" data-vf-js-tabs>
    <li class="vf-tabs__item">
      <a class="vf-tabs__link" href="#vf-tabs__section--10">Second tab set</a>
    <li class="vf-tabs__item">
      <a class="vf-tabs__link" href="#vf-tabs__section--11">Tab</a>

<div class="vf-tabs-content" data-vf-js-tabs-content>
  <section class="vf-tabs__section" id="vf-tabs__section--10">
    <h2>Section 10</h2>
  <section class="vf-tabs__section" id="vf-tabs__section--11">
    <h2>Section 11</h2>

Leaving these data selectors off will cause vf-tabs.js to simply ignore the tabs.


The name of your selector should follow your component's name, plus an additional -js- prefix.


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JavaScript guidelines

We use "just enough" JavaScript in the Visual Framework.

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